Search Engine Optimization

There are 4.5 billion internet users out of a global population of 7.8 billion. Most of those people use search engines when looking for services to use or products to buy.

Would you like to show up for searches relevant to your products or services?

If yes, then you actually need to be on the first page of google to get any clicks and in the top 3 results to get a significant amount of those clicks.

– Position 1 accounts for around 31.7% of clicks, whilst the first 3 results account for around 75% of all clicks.


To make the image clearer here is an example of what ranking number 1 can do for your business:


Say you rank number 1 for a term that gets searched for 10,000 times a month and 31,7% of those people click through to your website, of those 31,7% say 2% of them actually buy your product that costs R1000.

You would get 3,170 people clicking through to your website page that’s ranking, and if you converted 2% of those users 63 of them would purchase your product, meaning you would make 63*R1000 = R63 000 just by ranking number one for your product keyword.

Now imagine if you could do this for all your products or services that you provide.

There best part about SEO is the effects are long lasting, unlike paid marketing where the leads stop once you stop paying for them SEO has one of the best ROIs and works long after even if you stop actively working on it.

We have helped companies to generated traffic that converts into transaction is some of the most competitive niches.

We can help your business get found on search engines by your target customers whether its an international company targeting multiple geographies or a small local company looking to get found on google by local customers.

SEO Services

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