Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search engine advertising is ideal way  generating leads from day 1, advertise to people who are looking for your service at the exact moment when they are searching for it. Providing relevant ads for a relevant service makes sure that the conversion rate is high.

Imagine if you are searching a product for example “a wedding cake baker”, when you search on google or any other search engine, you ad greeted by ads at the top, side and bottom of the page, then in the middle of all of that you have organic search results.

It is difficult for new brands to generate targeted traffic using organic search, search engine advertising gives you a chance to show up in front of established brands and to also generate leads by giving you access to large targeted traffic volumes from the get go, so that you are competitive and profitable.

Kagiso Digital becomes a part of your marketing team and works towards a maximum return on the investments in the ppc campaigns. Our experienced and qualified ppc specialists align your campaign with your proposition and target audience in the best possible way.