Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is appealing for companies that generate leads through inbound marketing. These are often B2B companies or B2C companies with complex products and/or a lengthy preliminary process. A well-automated inbound marketing process helps your company to come into contact with – anonymous – website visitors early on in the buyer journey. Marketing automation software allows you to manage and measure all online interactions in the entire inbound marketing process.

Important steps in marketing automation

  • Setting up the inbound marketing process
  • Developing a content marketing strategy
  • Selection and implementation of marketing automation software

Partners from the start

Inbound marketing and marketing automation are strategic choices made for the long term, for the future growth of your company. This is quite complex. It includes not only the selection of a marketing automation system, but also: how can we tackle this in stages, how do we create relevant content, and how do we ensure continuity in lead generation?

Kagiso Digital is your experienced sparring partner during this entire process. We advise you, share our knowledge and experience, and take a pragmatic approach. Our goal is to make your project a success.

How we collaborate

During the decision-making process, we advise on the drawing up of a business case and the investment model. If you decide to commit, we set up a marketing automation implementation plan. During the start-up stage, we develop buyer personas and provide a blueprint for content marketing. Each step is taken in close consultation with your sales and marketing organization, because they, too, face a challenge. They will have to think and act with a whole new mindset and will have to collaborate much more closely.

A continuous flow of sales leads

After the software has been implemented, we set up the system and the flows. As soon as the campaigns are operational, data becomes really interesting. We help measure, monitor, and analyse data. All this is done to optimise the flows that generate as many qualified sales leads as possible and turn them into customers for your company.